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Why We give? My name is Stephen Pustai and for many years I attended Glory to God OCC and now help manage the website. When we give tithe or when we donate to the church of course it goes to keeping the light on, the doors open and a roof over our heads for a place we can worship, but it does much more than that. I am going to share with you a true story of "why we give!" Towards the end of 2005 I fell in love with the wrong person and they got me involved in Meth. I began to do so many drugs that my skin started to turn gray. I was losing a ton of weight, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and my health began to fail. Through everything I was going through I was still in church on Sunday. Over the next year I ended up having two overdoses. I was lost, had almost given up on myself, and did not know where to turn. I finally went to the church and explained what had been going on. I thought I would be judged or chastised and something happened that surprised me. I was greeted with open arms, with love, and with understanding. Many tears were shed over my experiences and because I had the love of my family at Glory to God OCC and their relentless prayers for me everything turned out better than it had been. We went through it together and I am grateful for my family there.

We give not because we have to, we give because it changes lives, it helps people, and it gives the lost a safe place to go. A place where people are free from judgement or discrimination and always welcomed with opened arms from the congregation as well as the Word and Spirit of God. We give because it makes a difference. So when you give, please give with your heart.