Old Catholic Ministry

By developing new methods and ideas with an emphasis on community and Catholicism, which expresses a warmth and interest in the total person; Old Catholic communities are able to address the needs of today’s society in the waning years of the Twentieth Century. For the contemporary Catholic searching to maintain his/her Faith but desiring to do so without excessive institutionalism that often loses contact with the individual; for those with a Catholic background who feel impeded from full participation in the life and Sacraments of the Church; for the many unchurched who desire the joy and peace of Our Lord’s Word and His Holy Sacraments, Old Catholic communities provide available alternative and allow a person to be a part of Christ’s Church, and be at peace with his/her conscience. Old Catholic communities, because of their size, can give individual attention to the individual spiritual needs of the faithful and, where necessary, develop unique ministries to meet those needs.